How it Works

One of the most irritating things about technical books is errors in the text, whether they are typos or factual errors.  Having written a number of certification books for this series, I have come to realize just how easy it is for them to slip in and how hard to dig out.  Spelling and grammar checkers create an amazing number of false hits when applied to a book that contains SQL, technical terms, parameters, and variables.  Technical errors tend to occur late at night when I have been writing for hours.  Later, when proofreading, it is all too easy to read over the error and see what I meant to write.  

I hate the thought of the guides containing errors, but it is almost certain that something will make it past the proofreading.  However, since the print version of the Oracle Certification Prep series is published via on-demand publishing, I can fix errors as soon as I become aware of them.  The fastest way for me to find out about errors that make it into print is if readers let me know of them.  I want to reward anyone who takes the time to notify me of these issues -- thus free books.

If you are the first person to notify me of an error, I will give you one or more points based on the type and severity of the error.  Minor typos will likely get a single point while factual errors would be two, three, or four depending on the severity.  If you accumulate ten points, I'll ship you a paperback copy of whichever guide you want.  Once you report one or more errors, I will track the number of points you earn by the email address you supply in the contact page.

I hope that this works to allow me to resolve errors in a very short time frame so that errors affect the minimum number of readers.  Thank you for your assistance in this.

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